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Welcome to JTS,

A small Wisbech based company providing a professional and affordable IT support and solutions in and around Wisbech, Kings Lynn, March and Long Sutton.

Operating 7 days a week including evenings. I am able to assist business and residential customers when its needed.

With over 18 year's experience in the IT sector installing, supporting and managing large business systems. I have a wealth of expertise and contacts covering all aspects of IT

For small IT issues to large IT projects, give me a call.

Summary of expertise

Overview of Services.

New System Installations.

Need to setup a new office from scratch or just want to add to your existing infrastructure. Need a server to centrally manage your data, User accounts or for email. IT can be expensive but we can discuss your best options based on cost and benefit. Any support configuration would be documented.

Need help installing new software that you have already chosen or purchased. Give me a call.

System Upgrades.

I can upgrade your ageing PC's, servers, software or general network hardware.

For busy offices, the migration to new systems would need to be managed to avoid unnecessary disruption to the existing, used systems. I can develop a migration plan to ensure a smooth transition. Any support configuration would be documented

Troubleshooting and Repairs.

Any PC, server, software or network fault catered for. Check out the support packages on the home services page.

No fix no fee

Data Recovery.

I use specialist software to recover data that has been accidentally deleted or from a corrupted hard disk that will not boot. This includes mechanical and solid state disks as well as SD/CF cards and usb sticks

Totally Failed storage can be recovered by specialist companies who can disassemble the device and analyse with bespoke hardware. Its still not 100% guaranteed and the data recovered may still be corrupt. I can arrange this as a last resort but it is costly and takes a few days to turn around. At this point you really would need to balance the cost of recovering the data against the loss and recreating it.

You stand more chance of recovering deleted files by not using the storage device anymore. If the data was on your main hard disk, (C drive), I recommend pulling the power from your computer rather than shutting it down. Then call me. The shutdown and start-up process will write to the hard disk potentially overwriting the deleted file.

Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery Planning

Whether IT is at the core of your business and won't function without it or you just use a computer occasionally for personal or business use. Losing your systems, applications and data can be a frustrating and traumatic process.

Loss of data or corruption usually happens because

Al of these scenarios can be mitigated

If your business uses broadband and cannot do without internet access and your broadband fails, you will be at the mercy of your ISP and BT to repair the fault as soon as possible. Its not uncommon for broadband faults to go on for days. Depending on your location and usage there are solutions to mitigate this risk.

If your business has a LAN or WAN. Interconnecting hardware can also fail causing potentially loss of some IT services. You data may still be safe but its a disruption to the business.

Whatever your scenario I can provide different solutions to make your IT more resilient to failure and a recovery solutions to meet your requirements or budget.

If you are unsure what you want to address but feel that you are vulnerable. I can perform a full audit of your hardware and software. I will also discuss with you how your business works to uncover what facilities are critical against those that are nice to have and how long you could do without each. We can also discuss how often data backups need to be performed. Most common is daily but that might be not often enough. For example if a spreadsheet is updated all day by 10 people and is lost or corrupted before that days backup then you have just lost 10 days effort. it is possible to backup as often as you like, up to real-time.

A lot of companies that address the Disaster Recovery headache choose to only protect the critical systems to make them highly available, whereas less critical systems can be restored at a later date.

For most home users a periodic bare metal backup, protecting the operating system, applications, configuration and data, coupled with regular data backups is all that's required. This can have virtually no setup cost, just my labour to implement and handover.

To address these risks I look at multiple options including

Easy management is always considered when proposing a solution and a transfer of skills to help you manage ongoing are given.

If you are home user or large business be diligent and make sure you’re covered!!


I can install and repair Ethernet grade cat 5/6 cabling, RJ45 sockets and cabinets.

All installations tested and clearly labelled.

If you need your office or home cabling, give me a call to arrange a site visit and a free no obligation quote.

Network and WIFI

Fed up with poor WIFI reception in some areas?

Upgrading your WIFI access point can help a little but if you have thick walls or a large house you have no choice but to add additional WIFI access points.

There are a lot of range extenders on the market to give the customer an easy way to extend their network. I don't like them as a permanent solution as they look cumbersome and can be as unreliable and variable in performance. Not to mention the power usage.

Alternatively customers usually have their router/WIFI located downstairs with a second access point in the loft. A discreet cable from the router run up the outside wall to the loft. This solution usually ensures you get good enough coverage to stream HD media all over the house.

Give me a call to arrange a site visit, discuss your options and a free no obligation quote.



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