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Any PC hardware, software, home network problem or installation catered for.

Typical home user scenarios requiring my services are:

To make things easier i have put together packages with fixed costs. These should cover most needs. Any work not covered within a package or price list will be quoted for.

Support Packages

Most PC tasks like troubleshooting, Virus cleaning, upgrading and rebuilding can be a time consuming process. Some of this time is waiting for data to copy or a virus scan to complete which does not need my full attention. To help keep costs down I will take the PC away, work on it in my workshop, and return it when the work is complete. Usually around 48 hours later.

A build-up of dust in the PC fans, heat sinks and power supply can cause the pc to overheat. This can shorten the life of vital components and cause more noise as the fans work harder to dissipate the heat build-up.

Every PC worked on offsite includes a free internal clean with high pressure air.

Quick Fix

If you just want some issues fixing then the 'quick fix' option is for you. For a fixed fee I will come to your house or office and try to solve the problem. If the problem cannot be fixed within an hour but i'm confident i can resolve it. Then I may decide the best option is to take it back to the workshop for repair, with your approval of course.

If I discover additional underlying problems needing to be resolved 1st that cannot be solved within the hour then i will discuss with you the options we have to get the issue resolved for example upgrading to support package 1

Package 1

Disinfect, Fix, Tune-up and Protect

A full repair service to get your PC running as smooth and efficient as possible with the current hardware.

Package 2


If you want piece of mind that your data is regularly backed up or want to make sure your entire system could be recovered after disk failure then this package is for you.

After a short audit I will be in the position to discuss the best option for you based on your data usage, ways of working, level of cover, operating system and cost. I can discuss the pro's and con's on some of the free and paid backup solutions that are available. Once agreed we can install and setup a backup solution.

Backup data needs to be saved somewhere. This could be the cloud, DVDR, NAS, USB hard disk or tape. USB is most common. This would need to be discussed.

Package 3


If there is nothing you want to keep on your PC and would like it rebuilt or upgraded to a new version of windows and nothing else. This is the package for you. You can then install any new applications and configure wallpapers etc in your own time.

No data will be backed up before the format. An ideal package if you want to just start again and have nothing worth keeping.

Original software and serial numbers must be available. If you don't have the software i may be able to get hold of it. Call to discuss.

Package 4

Re-installation and data migration

Rebuilt or upgraded and ensuring your agreed data, applications and peripherals are available in your new installation.

Original software and serial numbers must be available

Package 5

Re-installation, data migration and backup solution

Want to start again and keep backed up? This package has all the benefits of package 4 + package 2.

Package 6

Hard Disk Upgrade

Need to upgrade your disk capacity or want to update to a solid state disk (SSD) to increase performance.

Package 7

WIFI & Broadband fault diagnosis

If your internet access seems slow or intermittent and you think you have fault with your broadband or router then I can help. Logging a fault with your ISP can become a daunting and time consuming process as they ask you to confirm your home cabling is fine, and remind you that if an engineer is sent to site and the fault is internal then you will be charged. Better still a BT engineer confirms there is no fault on the line and you are left stuck with inadequate internet access.

I can diagnose the fault through test and elimination to determine if the fault is your or the ISP's responsibility. I can then assist in logging a call or fixing the fault

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