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Welcome to JTS,

A small Wisbech based company providing a professional and affordable domestic plumbing, heating and maintenance service around Wisbech, Kings Lynn, March and Long Sutton.

Operating 7 days a week. I understand that people are busy and don't necessarily want to take time off work, using up their holiday entitlement to accommodate me. To help I do not charge extra for weekend work and are happy to perform Services, Repairs and Landlord/ Homeowner Certificates in the evening.

Overview of Services


The installation of any domestic gas appliance can be quoted for and will be installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and current regulations.

I am happy to suggest a budget and premium appliance or discuss any appliance suggestions you may have in mind.

Most manufacturers as I recommend a powerflush when fitting a new boiler to an existing system. A magnetic filter and descaler should also be fitted to prolong the life and efficiency of the new boiler.

Upgrading heating controls or extensions or conversions to existing heating systems catered for.

Most general plumbing work catered for. I don't normally undertake full bathroom installs but are happy to work with the installer to take care of the plumbing. I believe this to be a flexible approach to the diy'er who wants to keep home improvement costs down.

Emergency Call Out

I can provide emergency support on a best endeavours basis. If you have a gas or plumbing leak or failed boiler give me a call. Leave a message if i dont answer and i will get back to you as soon as i can.

If you smell gas!

My definition of an emergency is when my services are required immediately.

Maintenance and Repairs

I have excellent technical expertise in both the electronic and mechanical aspects of fault finding and troubleshooting and regularly enhance and update my skills with additional training.

I will attempt to repair all domestic gas appliances like boilers, cookers, gas fires and water heaters. I use a number of suppliers for spares which covers the majority or make and models. Unfortunately sometimes parts cannot be obtained for old obscure models.

Heating controls, pumps and valves are also replaced.

General plumbing repairs including taps, cisterns etc can also be repaired or replaced.

Appliance Service

Whether it be a gas boiler, water heater, cooker, hob or gas fire, your appliance will be correctly serviced as specified by the manufacturers instructions.

A service typically entails a thorough check of the main component parts for wear and safety, a strip down and clean of the main burner and lubrication of any mechanical parts. Finally a combustion performance analysis is carried out and any adjustment to ensure the appliance is working safely and efficiently.

Needless to say the main benefits of a service are peace of mind that the appliance is operating safely and not leaking any harmless gases into the home. Potentially longer lifespan of your appliance. Lower gas bills

I will record when a customer or landlord has a boiler service, and will politely remind you when your next annual service is due.

Landlord Safety Certificate

The GSUR Regulations put responsibility on landlords to make sure their properties meet the current gas safety standards. An annual inspection of any gas appliances, installation pipework, associated ventilation requirements and flue systems needs to be carried out to achieve this.

Summary of checks:

The results from this inspection form part of a Landlord Safety Certificate. If all tests pass a certificate is issues confirming this. If any tests fail a certificate is issued confirming the problems and the recommended remedial work that needs to be carried out. At this point we would discuss your next steps to work towards a pass.

Where a landlord has a number or properties I can take responsibility for ensuring they receive the appropriate annual reminders in good time to stay compliant and have time to organise the necessary access.

An inspection would typically take 1 hour in a property with 3 appliances.

If the property has a gas prepayment meter. Make sure there is at least £1 credit available.

Power Flush

Over time a central heating systems efficiency will degrade as sludge (black iron oxide) builds up within the pipework and boiler. The sludge tends to settle at the bottom of radiators, restricting the water flow causing cold spots. A sludge coating inside the boiler's heat exchanger and pipework will also hinder the conduction of heat causing the boiler to work harder, overheat, but ultimately the radiators will seem cooler.

Symptoms potentially requiring a power flush

The potential benefits of a power flush are

The Power Flushing process pumps water and chemicals around the whole central heating system at high pressure. Each radiator will be flushed individually breaking down the sludge and magnetite build-up. This is all filtered out of the system and captured with a magnetic filter.

A Powerflush will normally take a full day to perform. This will depend on the amount of radiators and sludge in the system.

After a power flush a suitable inhibitor will be added to help keep the system sludge free.

I also recommend an inline low maintenance magnetic filter to capture sludge reducing the need for further powerflushes. The Adey Magnaclean Pro2 is an excellent choice.


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